Weekly Destressing Sessions That Improve Your Well-being

In a society and culture that glamorizes stress and overworking, it is important to remember that our bodies are not made to shoulder the problems of the world. Just think about the hierarchy in your job. There’s a specific role for every task—accounting, digital marketing, content writing, receptionist, and messengers. It’s the same way with your life. You cannot attend to everyone’s needs and answer every demand, then expect yourself to be up and running all-day-long.

Look at your life in increments of weeks. What can you do this week that will help you destress? What will improve your well-being this week? Whether you can do these things on weekends only or squeeze them in during weekdays, it’s important to take stock of your life and make space to destress.


The common misconception is that people exercise to lose weight. The truth is that people need to exercise to relieve themselves of stress. When exercise, your bodies release chemicals called endorphins. These can interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce the perception of pain and thereby, improves the feelings of positivity.

Chiropractic and Massage Treatments

Chiropractic treatment such as adjustments help relieve your spinal cord of tension associated with stress. When people are stressed, they tend to move their bodies in unusual ways. These movements can cause nerves to become dysfunctional. Many people think they only need chiropractic care when they are experiencing sudden pain in their backs. Regular chiropractic adjustments—even without the back pain—will improve emotional well-being and reduce stress.


When was the last time you saw your friends and family for a simple dinner? Make it a point to spend time with them weekly. That will be a lot of help in reducing the stress you feel at work and in other aspects of your life. They will give you a sense of belonging and purpose. Sometimes, this is all you need.

Eat Well

Eating healthily doesn’t equate to just losing weight. There’s more to food than about gaining or losing weight. Your moods and the food you eat are more closely linked than you think. But reaching for your comfort food (mac and cheese, fried chicken, and fries) is different from eating the right food. Every week, find comfort in preparing healthy meals such as steamed vegetables with your ramen and slices of fruits instead of a bar of chocolate.


Destressing is about relaxing the mind, too, and not just the body. Sure, you can get a massage every other day but if your mind is not relaxed, a massage cannot improve your well-being. You need to calm your mind through meditation such as yoga and prayer. Meditation will empty your mind of its worries. It will put you in the calmest and most relaxing state of being. A five-minute meditation every day will do wonders for you.

Be kind to yourself. The first rule of destressing is to be kind to your body. Find and do activities that will help your body relax. Whether it is meditating, exercising, or getting a massage, the focus every week is to give yourself time to reset for another stressful week ahead.

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