Benefits of Composite Resin Fillings

Every person faces a problem with decayed teeth or cavities once in their life. To fix this, a variety of dental treatment procedures are available in Michigan. Composite resin fillings are one of them. Dental composite fillings are made up of teeth-colored resin materials to make them look more like natural teeth. These are also called resin fillings or white fillings.

Traditional tooth fillings also did a great job of protecting your teeth from bacterial infections. However, the only downside was that they were made of metals and did not provide a natural look. Modern composite resin fillings provide durability and a natural look without affecting the aesthetics of your smile. If your teeth have been damaged, dentists in Dental clinic Grand Rapids, MI can help you smile with confidence.

Top benefits of composite resin fillings.

  • Strength.

Strong and long-lasting composite or tooth-colored fillings work well for small to medium-sized fillings. They offer a good alternative for those who wish to preserve their tooth’s natural appearance and can be applied to both the front and back teeth. Better support can be achieved by chemically bonding composite fillings to the tooth structure. 

  • They look natural.

Unlike gold or silver fillings, which are noticeable and unattractive, white fillings give teeth a natural appearance. The composite resin is made to blend in with your natural enamel and is colored to match the color of your current teeth. This results in a seamless appearance and gives you the confidence you need to flaunt your gorgeous smile.

  • It can fix chips and cracks.

Teeth chips and cracks can also be repaired with composite resins. Composite resin fillings are the best option for fixing chips and cracks in visible teeth due to their fast bonding, strength, and tooth-colored look. Resin veneers, which can help make your teeth appear whiter, can also be made using them.

  • Easy to repair.

Your dentist can simply replace or repair your filling if it breaks, becomes loose, or falls out. Composite fillings are easily added to or fixed, so rather than replacing the entire filling if a portion breaks, it can be put back on.

  • Bonds to your existing tooth.

The fact that composite resin fillings attach to your natural tooth is another big advantage. There are two main forms of composite resin fillings, namely overlays and onlays. These are specially made in a laboratory. 

Your tooth will be prepared and filled with a bonding agent once it gets to a dentist’s clinic, and then it will be inserted. After that, the onlay hardens and adheres to the original tooth, providing extra strength.

If you have a broken tooth, visit your dentist to start a treatment plan today!

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