Compact Air Compressor That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

A small compact air compressor with enough power, easy to use, that does its job well, with good value for money…Choosing a good small compact air compressor will make the difference between congratulating you on the purchase every time you use it and reminding yourself for a while of the money you invested in it. In this article we are going to help you buy a small compact air compressor that meets your needs and that more than meets your expectations.

Perhaps You Feel Identified With One Of These Two Situations:

You don’t even have a father of compressors, you sense that this type of compressor is what you are looking for but you would like to have more complete information that solves all your doubts

You want to buy a quality small compact air compressor at a good price, they have told you about several brands and you could use a little help to decide which one to choose

Said And Done! We Will Make Your Search Very Easy.

To avoid wasting time and ending up with your head like a hype searching a thousand sites, we have gone ahead and prepared this selection of the best small compact air compressor: the ones with the best opinions and a better quality / price ratio.


This DeWalt brand model has a 6-liter capacity tank and, like the Stanley compressor, stands out for being quite powerful despite its small size.

It is an ideal compact air compressor to work with small and medium tools that do not require a large air flow. It is perfect, for example:

To use a stapler or nail gun

For small cleaning tasks with a blow gun

Or to adjust the tire pressure

It features non-slip feet for stability, an LED on / off switch, and an integrated carry handle for easy portability.

It is very light, weighs only about 10.5 kg, and its measurements are:

Height: 40 cm

Width: 44.5 cm

Depth: 36cm


This Dealt air compressor has a maximum pressure of 8 bars and is capable of drawing in up to 170 liters of air per minute. On the other hand, it is capable of generating an air flow of up to 75 liters / minute.

As we have already said above, it has a 6-liter fast-loading air tank.

Its engine has a power of 1.5 hp (1100 w) and is optimized to operate without the need for oil lubrication, so it does not require maintenance, beyond purging the excess air from the tank at the end of work to avoid the oxidation.

Pressure regulator

Like the other models, this DeWalt compressor has two integrated pressure gauges:

One indicates the air pressure inside and the other the pressure with which the air comes out of the compressor, which you can adjust with the red key to adapt the air flow to your needs.

It also has a quick connector.


People who have already bought it stand out:

Convenience to transport

Its potency.Its smooth operation with pneumatic nail gun

Before buying an compact air compressor, we always recommend taking a look at the evaluations of other buyers about their experience of using the compressor, which can be very useful when choosing one or the other model.

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