Retirement units: The golden age of old age

Gone are those days, when our grandfathers and grandmothers used to quietly settle away for retirement in their quaint little nests snoozing and lazing the whole day. Now, as the old age generation is becoming sassy like the millennials who want more after retirement to keep them going in their life and something to maintain their lifestyle.


It has given rise to the concept of retirement units. A retirement unit is a residential community or Village structured to meet the needs of senior residents by providing maximum comfort furnished with all imaginable amenities. The retirement units for sale Redcliffe QLD offered by the ‘Village retirement group’ has an excellent array of facilities and services for a comfortable living. It has been awarded as Australia’s best living retirement home and covers all aspects of a standardized healthy life. 


Amenities provided in retirement homes:

The retirement units not only offer upstate living set-ups with every luxury around you for comfortable living but also provide a range of extracurricular activities to keep boredom at bay. There is a difference between old age homes and retirement homes resting solely upon the fact of independence and luxury. Some of the amenities provided are-

  • Fitness retirement homes have facilities that offer physical and mental health with fitness-enhancing services like Gym, pool, Yoga, bowling, walking, etc. designed and implemented, keeping in mind the age group.
  • Knowledge ground:
  • retirement homes have one common community library center that boasts a wide variety of genres ranging on all subjects for every reader. Usually, separate spaces for other productive activities like arts and crafts, playing chess, billiards, etc. 
  • The travelogue:
  • kinds of retirement homes follow all-round holistic care of the senior residents and often open opportunities for social interactions through events like picnics, full-day outdoor trips, interactions at the club lounge for like-minded people, or movie time at their very own 16-seater big-screen theatre.
  • Beauty salon:
  • people becoming so conscious about their status, the question of beauty salons was never behind. Retirement homes have beauty salons that have spa centers and massage centers that altogether take care of your every cosmetic need.
  • Healthcare:
  • is a saying which goes, ‘if you feel good, you will look good.’ Every retirement home provides emergency medical help with locations averaging a short time to the hospitals. In the case of first- aids, the staff is well prepared.


The Village offers advanced healthcare support with Redcliffe Hospital and Peninsula Private Hospital only at a gap of 10 minutes.

‘The village retirement group’ started with a dedication towards providing a better life for the older generation, and they have succeeded in their vision of creating retirement homes across Brisbane and Toowoomba. They believe in providing a luxurious standard of living to retired couples with every imaginable amenity at their disposal. 


Whether it is at the villas that you see yourself looking at the sunset or the old age house with like-minded people, ‘The village retirement group’ has something for all. 














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