Love the Way You Care: 3 Ways to Bring Mother Earth Home

Remember that children, marriages, and gardens reflect the kind of care they get.

Care is a transformative energy, it is one of our favourite superpowers realised through our attitudes, our emotions, our relationships, and how we live our life. Genuine care is like a regenerative force, filling both the giver as well as its receiver with compassion. As we engage in giving and receiving care, we experience comfort and joy. As amazing as it sounds, caring makes the oxytocin levels go up. Being caring is a choice and the more we exercise it, the better we are. While the world outside is filled with uncertainties, we can use this power that we all have within, to make this world a better place.

As a caring parent, you can’t help worrying about how tons of non-biodegradable trash, pesticides, additives, and pollutants may affect your kid’s health. Which is why, switching to organic has become one of the most vital steps to take today to give your little ones a better future and better health. Wondering how organic baby moisturisers and such other organic products can benefit your baby as well as the environment? Read on to find out how:


All those products that are made from artificially sourced ingredients   negatively impact the environment. They contain insecticides, pesticides, and chemicals that mix with the soil, air, and water, degrading these natural elements to a large extent. Conversely, organic skincare products are manufactured organically without any intervention of chemicals, pesticides or toxins that may harm the environment.

No Harmful Reactions:

A baby’s skin, as we all know, is extremely delicate. Even minimal exposure to toxins can cause serious allergic reactions in the baby’s skin. Organic baby care products are free from all artificial ingredients, and are formulated with safe ingredients that soothe the baby and give parents peace of mind.

Protects the Immune System:

Newborns and toddlers do not have fully developed immune systems and they are in the growing phase. Usage of chemical-laden products in the early stages of their growth may affect healthy and natural development of their immune system. Using organic products for baby skincare, on the other hand, ensures better immunity and development.

No Artificial Fragrance:

Every conscious parent knows how damaging aromatic skincare can be for babies. Thankfully, organic baby care products are devoid of artificial fragrances. They are pure, safe, and do not contain any additives that may irritate the baby’s skin.

Worth the Value:

Many parents consider the organic option to be more expensive. However, when looked at from a long run perspective, organic baby care proves to be more cost-effective. Investing in organic skincare means less damage to your baby’s skin and immunity and lesser costs of treatments in the future. So instead of being an avoidable expense, organic skincare is a smart investment that keeps the baby happy, comforted and protected from skin disorders in the short term and the long term as well.

Moving on to the next important question: How to switch to organic and bring mother earth home?

It feels daunting at first but transitioning to organic is something that will gain pace in due course of time. To ease it out for you, here are some steps that you can follow:

  • Understand Its Importance:

Now that you know how beneficial organic baby care is, switching to organic shouldn’t bring any second thoughts to your mind. Understand that each step that you take towards a healthier and safer baby care routine will inch your baby closer towards healthier skin, body and mind.

  • Go Step by Step:

Toss out that old baby soap, if you haven’t already, and pick up an organic one. Once that is done, move on to other categories of baby products such as cream and swap it with certified organic baby cream from brands such as Its certified organic multi-purpose baby cream is a one-stop solution for a wide range of skin-related concerns such as diaper rashes, dryness, inflammation, and minor cuts, etc. Made with the goodness of organic aloe vera, chamomile, glycerin, and rose water, it’s the best care that your baby deserves.

  • Wait Out the Transition:

Switching to organic baby care comes with a host of benefits. The results might not be visible at the first usage but with time, you will realise how miraculous and absolutely wonderful they are for your baby’s skin.

Small baby steps can make a huge difference. Now that you know how, why, and where to start, just keep going! Scroll through reputed baby skincare brands such as to show some care and love to both earth and your baby. And as you do it, brace yourself to feel a surge of goodness, both emotionally and physically.

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