How to prepare body for embracing motherhood

Embracing motherhood means carrying a life inside the body for nine months. This definitely requires replenishing the body physically, mentally and emotionally. There has to be optimal levels of certain vitamins and minerals in the body that can help boost the fetal growth. Women on the path to motherhood should get certain assessments done to avoid unpleasant surprises during the gestation period and afterwards. Some of the essential assessments that can help prepare body better for conceiving are:

  • Health and lifestyle assessment: What you eat, how active you are and the medical history contribute to your capability to bear a child. In the health and lifestyle assessment, one can understand the requirements of the diet and exercise. This helps in knowing where you are lacking and thus, take the necessary steps accordingly.
  • Fertility assessment: One has to assess the functioning of reproductive organ systems to prepare the body for parenthood. The fertility assessment can help in taking timely actions related to sperm quality improvement, follicle growth, etc. Ovarian function improvement is necessary for assessing the genetic problems, if any, and to take important measures to solve the same.
  • Assessment of hormonal problems: Hormonal function plays an important role in ensuring easy pregnancy. The follicle stimulating hormone and anti-Mullerian hormone are the two important factors that help in detecting the PCOD and other ovarian reserve related issues in advance and take timely action. Thus, this assessment is very much important to solve the infertility issues caused due to hormonal imbalance of any kind. The regulating of these hormones is also necessary for predicting important stages like menopause and plan pregnancy accordingly.

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