How Much a Celebrity’s Skincare Routine Can Cost You

Aside from eating without gaining weight, another thing we commonly yearn for is having perfect skin like a celebrity’s. Indeed, it’ll be nice to stop using concealers and foundations every morning. We’d also appreciate a seductive bronze glow, which always looks beach-ready, no matter the season.

But alas, drugstore products aren’t usually enough to give us celebrity-like skin. For that, we need to invest probably $500 for a moisturizer alone.

Our lifestyles may also need to change a bit. Pop stars may lack sleep, but their diet and exceptional skin treatments make up for that. That’s why they can still look fresh even without makeup!

Let’s have a glimpse on some renowned celebrities’ skincare routines, and discover how much they cost.

Olivia Culpo’s Healing Routine

Model and former beauty queen Olivia Culpo used to struggle with acne. By thanks to her diligence and choice of skincare products, she’d finally beaten it.

The good news is, her routine isn’t far different from your average skincare devotee’s. Her stash of products consists of both high-end and drugstore products, with the most expensive priced at $200, and the cheapest one only $5. Overall, her skincare costs $653, not inclusive of facials yet.

Kate Bosworth Brand-specific Regimen

There are also celebrities who swear by a specific brand. And that brand must really do its job, because Kate Bosworth, who has flawless skin, uses mostly Japanese brand SK-II products.

But you have to be willing to stretch out your budget if you’ll copy her routine. The cheapest SK-II product in her regimen is already worth $70. Considering she uses six more, expect to go beyond a thousand bucks — $1,646, to be exact.

Fortunately, there’s one product in her routine that we can all afford. That’s coconut oil, which only costs about $12.

Kim Kardashian’s Not-so-secret Routine

Probably the most glorified celebrity in this list, we’re all definitely eager to hear about her skin secret. Like Kate Bosworth, Kim is also fond of a specific brand, namely La Mer. She had actually talked about it on her social media once.

Kim uses four La Mer products, amounting $1,230 alone. Apart from those, she also applies other products including a $1,000 “vampire” facial. All in all, Kim spends $2,961 to maintain her beauty.

Can you be as beautiful as them without breaking the bank?

If their routines are way beyond your budget, there’s no reason to feel hopeless. We are all beautiful, imperfections and all.

If it’ll make you feel a little better, celebrities also swear by some drugstore products. Zendaya and Michelle Williams use an Aquaphor ointment to treat their dry skin. Even Kim K vouches for $6.49 makeup remover wipes. And another cheap product that Hollywood stars, including Mila Kunis, turn out to love, is petroleum jelly. It can be used as an under-eye cream, makeup remover, lip balm, and highlighter.

But to achieve glowing skin without changing every product you use, focus on your diet, instead. Celebs avoid foods that increase inflammation, such as tomatoes and leafy greens, so they can keep their skin and weights in check.

Sounds odd, considering the health benefits of those foods, so it’s totally up to you whether you’d also avoid them. But regardless of your decision, accompany your diet with exercise, as you’ll need it to maintain a healthy weight.

Doctors advise against consuming dairy as well, because it ruins the skin and makes you add more pounds. Try going vegan if you can, because lots of celebs get their perfect skin from a plant-based diet.

Again, don’t be pressured when you can’t follow a celebrity’s routine. Real beauty isn’t measured by one’s skin complexion and weight. So go easy on yourself, and follow only a routine that you’ll be happy and comfortable with.

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