Home Improvement Roofing Options To Try

If you are overwhelmed by the cost and intricacy of solar shingles and other conventional types, there is a feasible solution. Rolled roofing is the most economical and easy-to-install roofing material. It is one of the few varieties that you can install by yourself. It is mineral encrusted roofing material; it is slicker, less durable, and most economical among all roofing materials. Though rolled roofing is the most economical and easy to mount, its resale value is extremely low once installed in roof layout structures. This sort of roofing is most suitable for inhabitable structures like a garage, shed, shops, and other outer structures.

Rolled roofing

Rolled roofing, also branded as MSR, comes in rolls and is best used in roofs with glide and hammered to fix it. But MSR is inappropriate for flat roofs, as it can cause water to seep out. Before opting for it, consult a residential roofing company to assess the roof structure if viable for rolling roofing. The usual dimension of rolled roofing is thirty-six feet long by thirty-six inches wide, summing to one composite single square shingle. In the realm of roofing, the square is referred to as a measure of a hundred square feet.

Less sturdy 

The commonly used roofing material is composite asphalt shingles; the structure of rolled roofing is loosely akin to it as it is also an oil-based asphalt item. But the similarity is restricted to this aspect only; rolled roofing is less sturdy, thinner, cheaper, and horizontally installed in strip formation. Other forms of roofing are far more durable and withstand extreme weather conditions, and are less prone to damage as stress is transverse on a wide region.

Roof pitch 

Several sorts of rolled roofing are applied to supplement other roofing materials. Builder-grade saturated felt can be used as underlayment combined with asphalt. Hire a residential roofing contractor to install the saturated felt. As the roofing material is less durable and prone to damage, it is rarely used in a residence or other habitable structures. MSR is mostly erected in work sheds, garages, barns, exterior exercise arenas, potting sheds, and in other outer houses. Moreover, it is most appropriate for roofs with low inclines. If the pitch of the roof is 1:12(1 inch vertical for every 12 inch horizontal), then the roof is perfect for rolled roofing if conceal nail method of erection is practiced. The minimum threshold of roof pitch is 2:12 for rolled roofing.

Limited color 

The color spectrum of MSR is often limited to black and white, the former being the most common. Tan, green, and grey are rarely found. Rolled roofing is not resistant to expansion and contraction as it works as a single shingle; contrarily, the shingle can withstand the stress as they are assembled in an interlocking fashion, and the stress is distributed. At the same time, rolled roofing act as a single unit and cannot withstand the stress without tattering. As the main site of installation is an outhouse, there is little aesthetic value, and shelf life is around five to eight years compared to twenty years of composite asphalt shingle. Slate or clay roofing is preferred as it makes your home appealing and striking.

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