7 Life-Changing Summer Jobs Teens Need To Get Into

Not all summer jobs are created equal. Some may be designed to give teens a way to spend summer without goofing off, while others are just means of having extra cash to spend. However, certain summer jobs have lasting value and a greater impact on a person’s life despite short-term involvement.

Here are some jobs that have the potential to renew a person’s mindset which can ultimately change his or her life.

7 Meaningful Summer Jobs that Can Change a Teenager’s Life

  1. Camp Counselor

Being a camp counselor involves working with younger kids. It takes special leadership skills to make a group of rowdy young ones to listen to you and submit to your authority. As you develop these leadership skills, these are sure to come handy in other areas of life.

  1. Lifeguard

A lot of people think of being a lifeguard as an excuse to enjoy the summer just watching babes and hunks while getting paid. In truth, being a lifeguard is a very serious job because the lives of those under your watch are in your hands. This reinforces the value of taking responsibility for people.

  1. Housekeeper

A housekeeping job may seem boring and uninteresting and perhaps, in some aspects, it is. However, you cannot deny the fact that once you get into the habit of taking care of houses and keeping them clean, you start to adopt that standard of cleanliness and order into your system which eventually becomes a habit.

  1. Nanny

A nanny is different from a babysitter in that it logs in longer work hours. It’s easy to take on a babysitting gig for a couple of hours and go home. A nanny is more committed to a regular schedule where you are put in charge of a young child. You get to see how difficult, yet equally rewarding, it can be to raise children.

  1. Handyperson

Whether you do it alone or you do work for a framing contractor, being a handyperson teaches you not to take for granted manual physical labor and its accompanying benefits such as resourcefulness, grit, exercise, and humility.

  1. Online Seller

Online selling may seem like an easy enough job to do but it also entails a lot of hard work. You need to look for items to sell, post them on online platforms, monitor the traffic you’re getting, bump it for visibility, package it securely, ship the item off, and start all over again. Yes, it is quite simple compared to other jobs but it helps build an entrepreneurial spirit in teens.

  1. Newspaper Delivery Person

While this may be one of the most common summer jobs, it can be a tough job to deal with. You’re given the responsibility of meeting people’s needs — in this case, it’s getting their paper to their front door first thing in the morning — in an entire route.

It may seem like a trivial job but it trains you to get up and grind early in the day so you can have more free time. Work hard, play hard.

Teenagers should be guided into making meaningful decisions, especially when it comes to something long-term such as a career. More than just making a quick buck, they should make character development and maturity the goals of getting a summer job.

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