What is Advanced Placement & Why Should You Consider Them?

Many parents have never heard of advanced placement and when their child comes to them about taking AP classes, they looked puzzled. If you do not know what an AP class is or why they are important, this article will help you to learn more. They are subjects that are the same or similar to university level modules that can be taken in college. They are used to assess students and get them ready for higher-level education.

What is Advanced Placement

If you are planning on going into high school in Thailand, you can learn more about AP Advanced Placement from a leading international school in the capital. AP is a programme that is run by the college board, it allows you to take special high school courses that can earn your college credit or qualify you for more advanced classes when you attend university.

AP classes are designed to give you an experience of what to expect when you leave high school and start college. On completion, you also get college credit for the coursework you have done. This makes your 1st year of college easier as you will not have to sit some modules you have completed as part of your advanced placement.

Purpose of Advanced Placement

The AP programme was created in the US because of the widening gap between high school and college. Teenagers were not prepared for what lied ahead and for that reason many struggled with the transition.

The programme was a success when the college board took over and it repeatedly expanded to include schools all over the world which were using the same curriculum as the US. You can take multiple AP classes depending on your preference.

Benefits of Taking AP Courses

There are many benefits to taking AP classes. Research suggests that over 80% of students who take them are more likely to pass their 1st year of college. Because of the format, some students can enter the 2nd semester of college after completing their AP exams. Advanced Placement exams are basically a test of all you have learned throughout the course.

Now that you have more of an understanding of advanced placement, you should be able to see the many advantages of taking these courses. AP coursework can be taken in a range of fields, some of which include foreign languages, technology, science, and maths. They are a great idea for anyone preparing for their academic life after high school.

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