Way to Explore a Broken Wire in a Heated Floor

Your radiant floor heating system may have some issues just like they come in other systems. A broken wire is a common problem. One day when you wake up and find your electric floor heating system is no longer working. As you can restart your floor heating Vancouver so you don’t need to give up. The fixing method is straightforward so you need not worry about fixing a house cabling device. When you start the fixing process, you may find the hardest part is locating the section where the wires are broken.

First of all, contact the expert to locate a broken wire in your heating system. Many experts are willing to give their toolkit for solving a problem. What does a troubleshooting toolkit consist of? The toolkit contains some components including an AC transformer, a time delay reflector, a dielectric strength tester, and a multimeter. Splice kits can also be included in other components which helps you fix the broken wire after it is tracked. You need to use a thermal imaging camera to see through the tile.

Process Of Identifying Fault

It is an extremely straightforward process to find a fault in a heating system. The first phase in the detection of faults includes the reading of Ohms. Such readings can be obtained on the ground circuit. If you know that readings are endless or open from one core wire to another, the wire is probably broken. It signals that you have a short circuit when you find sheaths of Ohms ‘readings between the core wire and the surface.

Using a time delay reflectometer, you can trace the area where the wires are broken. The system assists you in measuring the wire length in which the damage is occurred and record the findings.

Using The Thermal Imaging Camera

Make sure that the space is as dark as possible while using a thermal imaging camera. Space should be as cool as it is feasible. This helps to obtain clear images of the panel of heated cable. Ensure that you put some cover in the windows of your room if there are no shade blinds in the house. In this way, the impact of the sun on the surface can be removed absolutely.

Dielectric Strength Tester Process

This method should only be done by a trained technician. This process involves the transmission of a high voltage ranging from 400 to 6000V through a core cable. The purpose of the process is to replicate the behavior of a sparkplug through the ground floor shield. The process requires much patience.

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