Stair Lifts Gift Independence

According to the Birmingham City Council, Sutton Coldfield had the highest number of residents claiming a pension in 2017. This high concentration of pension checks indicates that the population of this parish are either elderly or disabled.

A Vulnerable Population

This population is susceptible to having difficulty navigating a stairway. Some conditions that could make it hard to clamber up the steps include:

  • Joint issues
  • Limb deformities
  • Missing limbs
  • Visual impairment
  • Respiratory issues

The common occurrence of these conditions in this group means they need to look into rent stair lifts elderly in Sutton Coldfield.

Why Rent a Stairlift?

Renting a stairlift offers the convenience of removal when you no longer need it, making no permanent modifications to your home. This is ideal for those residing in council houses.

If your disability is not permanent, the rental of a stair lift provides a great solution to your locomotion problem. Stair lifts can be rented for the short term or the long term.

Easy Removal

Stairlift retailers who offer rentals will not only install your stairlift, but they will remove it as well. Hiring a professional to complete the removal means that you don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging the equipment. Damaging the equipment could result in you having to pay a premium to return the equipment, or the company may not take back the stair lift at all.

Professional removal of your stair lift will also minimise the damage inflicted on your home. An inexperienced person may attempt to rip the stair lift from the wall if they’re unable to detach it with equipment. This will result in the removal of paint and plaster. You could also put holes into the walls by swinging around tools that are unnecessary for the job.

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