A step by step guide to health insurance with iSelect

Step 1: Select the market place of health insurance plan

Determine the market place for while you are taking the insurance policy. Like, if you are an employer, you will consider company as your market place. If you a sole earner of your family, then family insurance will become your market place. Learn a step by step guide to health insurance with iSelect and get deeper insight about various health insurance plans. You can freely go for buying the private health insurance if fit with eligibility criteria.

Step 2: Understanding various terms of health insurance plans

While analysing the insurance policies, you must be able to encode the meanings and value proposition of certain technical jargons like –


Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs) determine the estimated cost that is involved behind an operational visit. It covers 100% of the services provided.


Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)usuallyproposed wide range of options and features than HMO. The premium price of PPO is relatively higher than HMOs unfolded with plethora of services. It facilitates the participant to carry their venture and develop networking with a referral code of in-house parties.


Exclusive Provider Organizations (EPOs) claims that any member or group that is associated with EPO can consult any doctor and medications right within the given range of its network. They will not be benefitted for reimbursement if consulted any member out of the EPO network.


Point of Service Plan (POS) is an effective plan that possess combined characteristics of HMO and PPO. It focuses upon providing low cost benefits to the customers within the prescribed network area. It gives an option to get non-emergency services without using any of the referral code out of Primary health care service provider.

Whatever option you select will clearly analyse the cost behind out-of-pocket and types of doctors you can consult. If you stuck in middle, you’ll find iSelect by your side.

Step 3: Compare various networks of health insurance

Insurance companies often have a contractual relationship with their doctors and as a result it gets economical to consult that same doctors. Therefore compare various in-network providers – doctors, counsellors, agents or brokers so that you can get your work done at a very nominal cost.

If you are satisfied with few of in-network parties and would enjoy regular visit, then make sure that they have mentioned your name in regular directories to charge you little less than others. Do not select those plans that fail to provide in-network benefits.

Step 4: Compare out-of-pocket costs

The Out-of-pocket cost reflects the prominent ability of an individual to pay for such out-of-the-pocket services. It facilitates thorough comparison while selecting the best insurance policy. Therefore, experts say that a step by step guide to health insurance with iSelect will facilitate you to easily compare the out-of-pocket-cost.

Thus, if you take into accounta step by step guide to health insurance with iSelect, you will be able to compare various plans swiftly.

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